Is Your Therapy Practice F.A.T. enough?

StockSnap_Y7OQI22I2PInvest In Your Practice and make it F.A.T


Episode One: Podcast: Making Your Therapy Practice F.A.T.

The elephant is my favorite animal for many reasons and I will give you two.

  1. Despite it’s large size that may not make the elephant the fastest animal, it is quite powerful.
  2. When the elephant is falls, he does not stay down long.  Not moving fast to recover from a setback of falling will make him lose his breath and die if he stays down for too long.

I remind myself of this in all areas of my life.  I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a great friend,  and a social entrepreneur.  I have to remember that I am also an elephant.  Powerful and Quick on a setback.

But the obvious is the size of the elephant.  Large-Enormous-Big-Huge.

How can a business, your therapy practice, become F.A.T.

Being F.A.T. is essential for your therapy practice.

Focused.  We know why we are here and how we can help you.  We know why we are here and who are best employees and clients are.

Accountable. We are here to serve and have measures of internal accountability for your child’s progress and how well our staff serve our consumers.

Transparent. This is who we are, our fees are consistent. We are the same company and people when the doors are closed and the blinds are short from a fiscal and clinical integrity standpoint.

Now what does F.A.T. look like?  

Listen to more on the first episode of the my podcast:

Clinical Practice and The Business of Therapy

Until next time!  Continue to Thrive.

~Landria Seals Green,MA., CCC-SLP-BCBA

Chief Clinical Officer, Momentum Autism Therapy Services

Chief Knowledge Officer, SOAR Solutions for ABA, Autism, and Special Education





Author: Landria Green, SLP Guru

Dually certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Specialty in Autism, Organization Behavior Management (Healthcare, Education). A knowledgeable, passionate, and creative clinician. With over 15 years in clinical management along with professional expertise in autism, social communication, applied behavior analysis, and assistive technology and she is passionate about the profession. Landria’s personal philosophy of making people with disabilities better has taken her across the country clinical staff mentoring, advising and teaching students, professionals, and parents across the country. Developer of the SOAR Online Autism Therapy Curriculum, a web based and app based system. Landria is dynamic, informative, energetic, and a captivating speaker. Landria is a proud alum of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Northwestern University. She is further trained in PROMPT, ADOS trained, Applied Behavior Analysis, PECS, and Floortime. She is the daughter of an engineer and married and engineer. Technology is in her blood. As the granddaughter of a woman whose communication abilities were cut short by a massive stroke, she understands firsthand the impact of impairment on the family. Landria is a native of Chicago with roots in Connecticut and has a high love for all things east coast. She is married to a Brooklyn, NY native. She currently resides in Michigan with her husband, son Adam, daughter Alison, and dog Annie.

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