What’s the Magic Pill in Reaching People.

Why Being WHO YOU ARE is important in reaching clients and colleagues or Why Parents and Mentees need YOU not your list of certifications –

podcast episode 2

pantsThere is no magic pill.  It is simply called being you.  The real you.

This being me is the reason why wearing a white SLP jacket is not simply my flavor.  It is also why a matchy matchy business suit in professional workshops doesn’t quite suit me.  But it took time to figure ME out.  I believe this is why Tameika Meadows has such a reach and following with her blog and books.  She has figured out that Heart to Heart connection plus SMART INTELLECT knowledge equals IMPACT.

I had the great opportunity to interview this awesome Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Author, and Blogger.

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In this we discuss subjects that including


being you

discovering the real you over time

how to present yourself and finding your comfortable sweet spot

giving yourself permission to fail

the comfort in not knowing everything

wearing the shoes of the parents and families you serve

creating and maintaining healthy client boundaries and relationships

making sure families have a LIFE outside of therapy

Tameika has strong material for parent and professional  training material along with her blog  beneficial to parents and professional

I love ABA Blog

Find her books here:

101 Ways to Do ABA

From AtoZ: Teaching Skills to Children with Autism

A Manual Creating an Autism Intervention Program

Tameika Meadows thank you for your time, intelligence, and contribution to the lives of people and the field!!

~Landria Seals Green, MA., CCC-SLP, BCBA

#SLPGURU  #TherapyBizCoach

Landria is a consultant with Landria Green, PLLC; CKO  with SOAR Solutions for Autism, ABA, and Special Education; and Chief Clinical Officer of Momentum Autism Therapy Services.

Author: Landria Green, SLP Guru

Dually certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Specialty in Autism, Organization Behavior Management (Healthcare, Education). A knowledgeable, passionate, and creative clinician. With over 15 years in clinical management along with professional expertise in autism, social communication, applied behavior analysis, and assistive technology and she is passionate about the profession. Landria’s personal philosophy of making people with disabilities better has taken her across the country clinical staff mentoring, advising and teaching students, professionals, and parents across the country. Developer of the SOAR Online Autism Therapy Curriculum, a web based and app based system. Landria is dynamic, informative, energetic, and a captivating speaker. Landria is a proud alum of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Northwestern University. She is further trained in PROMPT, ADOS trained, Applied Behavior Analysis, PECS, and Floortime. She is the daughter of an engineer and married and engineer. Technology is in her blood. As the granddaughter of a woman whose communication abilities were cut short by a massive stroke, she understands firsthand the impact of impairment on the family. Landria is a native of Chicago with roots in Connecticut and has a high love for all things east coast. She is married to a Brooklyn, NY native. She currently resides in Michigan with her husband, son Adam, daughter Alison, and dog Annie.

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