Is Your Therapy Practice F.A.T. enough?

Invest In Your Practice and make it F.A.T   Episode One: Podcast: Making Your Therapy Practice F.A.T. The elephant is my favorite animal for many reasons and I will give you two. Despite it’s large size that may not make the elephant the fastest animal, it is quite powerful. When the elephant is falls, he does… Read More


Let your life get you IN FOCUS. Align YOU and REALIGN your business. Sometimes I just get tired.  Not so much physically…but head filled with thoughts and things to do kind of tired.  Sometimes I just want to answer a question saying  “I’m tired.  I have two beautiful children: infant and toddler.  I own more… Read More

1 -2 and then TALK. Entering a Social Group

The Collaboration Between SLPs and ABA Professionals are needed HERE. I dropped my son off at school and it was confirmed for me.  When entering a group, the social sequence is Physically Enter the Group Motor actions similar to those in the group and regulated physical movement. Talk Behavior For as long as I can… Read More

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Paperless in ABA Therapy

The Paper-Scheduling Chase and HOW IT DOESN’T WORK  You open your ABA, Speech, or OT Therapy Practice.   You are happy.   Your family is proud.  You get a few clients.   You are proud and happy.   You start billing. You get paid.   You are very happy.   You get more clients.  … Read More


How Exposure, Opportunity, and Experience make a Difference in Teaching Concepts I’m using this Saturday morning, taking a brief break from studying, and watching the movie “Hardball” with Keanu Reeves.  It’s a story of redemption for Keanu as he is tasked to coach an inner city youth baseball team.  True to life, he eventually learns… Read More


My Decision to Move Forward and Enter A Brilliant Expanded -New Path I can often be heard reciting a poem I heard at church in my childhood to my son.  I give him a modified version that gives the consistent ending “You can be anything you want to be. You can go anywhere you want… Read More

Establishing Instructional Control via Teletherapy

Using Technology During Your Sessions with Learners with Behavior Challenges Instructional Control.  Not as bad as it sounds, I promise.  Truth is, in most cases we all want and need it.  When a speaker is standing in front of the room and the audience is quiet: control.  See…not as bad as it sounds. But how… Read More

The Burden of Challenging Behavior for Children with Autism

How We Set Up Children With Autism and Behavior Challenges to Fail  Today I watched a child answer questions accurately, give great answers, generate a story all the while his shoes were off, he was jumping out of his seat every three seconds, and making silly faces.  Focusing and marveling at his ability to multi-task… Read More

Course Design. Deadlines. Managing Life.

Climbing To The TOP of  Your Mountain I’m sure this post is not so speechy in its five steps to improve behavior, communication, or any other topic.  I have been busy.  A good busy. Manageable, not crazy, and working on some pretty awesome projects.  The best part, is that I am present (in mind) for… Read More


LETTING BURNOUT OPEN NEW DOORS When I was in graduate school, I had the privilege of working under two excellent SLPs.  One specialized in assistive technology and worked with children with severe impairments. The other was an SLP at a well known rehabilitation facility.  Both of those SLPs ended up leaving their jobs to take… Read More