What’s Laundry Got To Do With It

Expecting More in ABA and Why This Should Matter to Parents It is frustrating  when vocational programs for learners with autism that focus a majority of their goals and time on  laundry and cooking.  I’m just guessing, but there are a more than a handful of people in this world who do not know how… Read More


How Exposure, Opportunity, and Experience make a Difference in Teaching Concepts I’m using this Saturday morning, taking a brief break from studying, and watching the movie “Hardball” with Keanu Reeves.  It’s a story of redemption for Keanu as he is tasked to coach an inner city youth baseball team.  True to life, he eventually learns… Read More

Establishing Instructional Control via Teletherapy

Using Technology During Your Sessions with Learners with Behavior Challenges Instructional Control.  Not as bad as it sounds, I promise.  Truth is, in most cases we all want and need it.  When a speaker is standing in front of the room and the audience is quiet: control.  See…not as bad as it sounds. But how… Read More

The Burden of Challenging Behavior for Children with Autism

How We Set Up Children With Autism and Behavior Challenges to Fail  Today I watched a child answer questions accurately, give great answers, generate a story all the while his shoes were off, he was jumping out of his seat every three seconds, and making silly faces.  Focusing and marveling at his ability to multi-task… Read More

My Son Put His Pants On Backwards

…and other Things I applaud to Encourage and Teach Independence In my mind I had several things to get accomplished at the same time.  And I was holding my three year old son’s pants.  I handed his pants to him and said “Put your pants on”.  In his wisdom, he paused, moved his head to… Read More

Teaching Your Child to Put On His Coat “Begin with the End in Mind”

THRIVE Tidbit #1   This video blog post is long overdue.  My two year old son and his evolving independence reminded me how important this teaching is for everyone! Remember to register for THRIVE. Parent Training . Click Here to Learn More. ~Landria, The SLP GURU

Autism. Restaurant. Family Outings

From Dream To REALITY B.C. and D.C. are now beautifully coined “Before Child” and “During Child”. Before child was filled with spontaneous dining out during the week with out a forethought of high chairs, snacks, sippy cups, and wipes. It is easy to believe that in my wanting to be a mother, I did not… Read More


Tips for Getting a Toddler with ASD Birthday Party Ready I have a two year old. My wonderful boy takes time to warm up to new places and people. I secretly pray he holds his observation, taking time, and “taking it in” parts of his personality through to his adulthood. I have had the opportunity… Read More

When Inclusion Hurts

es I said Inclusion can hurt. It can be downright painful. And that’s truth. The old saying “Nothing Good Comes Easy” can definitely be applied toward the process of including. And each year, things change (teachers, therapists, kids, the social dynamic increases). Inclusion in the early years is not as much of a challenge than when hitting second and third grade.
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