Before you answer the next email, do one thing to Increase Your Child’s Language

Being present is tough. Demands of emails, text messaging, who’s running for president, and the latest news story require you to keep up. But then you have the responsibility of these little people who are growing, developing, and will be off to college before you know it. On top of this, you see headlines for […]

Writing and Communication Tools for Parents and Therapists

This tool created by ReadWriteThink can be used by reading specialists, speech-language pathologists, parents, and tutors.  More than that, it can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some suggestions: 1. Social Stories with an interactive Comic Strip. Set up the good idea, the bad idea, and the open ended comic strip.  […]

One Language or Two? The Bilingual Quandry in Autism

I appreciate great research, well founded studies with clinically relevant recommendations that can be utilized by therapists and consumers.  The topic of Bilingualism as it relates to autism or even relevant research with strong implications for bi or tri language acquisition in people with autism is a subject not well researched.  However, the answer of […]