What’s the Magic Pill in Reaching People.

Why Being WHO YOU ARE is important in reaching clients and colleagues or Why Parents and Mentees need YOU not your list of certifications – podcast episode 2 There is no magic pill.  It is simply called being you.  The real you. This being me is the reason why wearing a white SLP jacket is… Read More

Growing Your Therapy Practice is Masterful Work

Developing and Growing a Business is an Art Form. I am a fan of good music.  I love how music can grow up in an individual artist.  The growing up being reflective of the artist aging and the need that the political, social, and technological climate require.  Art is fluid.  Business should be too.  Like… Read More

Finding Your Path.

You can’t sell what you don’t believe in. There I said it. In all the lists going around about what you do for marketing.  Some things just don’t travel well on you and don’t reach your potential clients…they can sense it and smell it.  Here’s a few reasons why: You are uncomfortable selling your services… Read More

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Paperless in ABA Therapy

The Paper-Scheduling Chase and HOW IT DOESN’T WORK  You open your ABA, Speech, or OT Therapy Practice.   You are happy.   Your family is proud.  You get a few clients.   You are proud and happy.   You start billing. You get paid.   You are very happy.   You get more clients.  … Read More


How Exposure, Opportunity, and Experience make a Difference in Teaching Concepts I’m using this Saturday morning, taking a brief break from studying, and watching the movie “Hardball” with Keanu Reeves.  It’s a story of redemption for Keanu as he is tasked to coach an inner city youth baseball team.  True to life, he eventually learns… Read More

My Son Put His Pants On Backwards

…and other Things I applaud to Encourage and Teach Independence In my mind I had several things to get accomplished at the same time.  And I was holding my three year old son’s pants.  I handed his pants to him and said “Put your pants on”.  In his wisdom, he paused, moved his head to… Read More

Course Design. Deadlines. Managing Life.

Climbing To The TOP of  Your Mountain I’m sure this post is not so speechy in its five steps to improve behavior, communication, or any other topic.  I have been busy.  A good busy. Manageable, not crazy, and working on some pretty awesome projects.  The best part, is that I am present (in mind) for… Read More


I’m in the middle of potty training. Well not really. We buy Pull-Ups and wait for the magic to happen. And honestly, I’m trying to (in this case) not treat my son’s potty training as if he were a client. So far, he’s been part of Gross Motor Imitation trainings, early morning speech-language with mom… Read More