What’s Laundry Got To Do With It

Expecting More in ABA and Why This Should Matter to Parents It is frustrating  when vocational programs for learners with autism that focus a majority of their goals and time on  laundry and cooking.  I’m just guessing, but there are a more than a handful of people in this world who do not know how… Read More


Building Resilency In Your Child with Autism When They Hear the Word NO This morning I watched Daniel Tiger.  For those unfamiliar, it is a cartoon  and take on Mister Rodgers’ teachings with Daniel Tiger and his friends.  In this particular episode, Daniel politely asked to join a play group and the kids said No.… Read More

Pause. Reflect. Contemplation.

Yesterday my son began preschool at a great early learning center.  Actually, next week is his first time alone.  This week, it is the two of us together supporting his transition.  A plus of a mommy SLP, is that I love to buy toys and I love to watch children play.  Truth is, before I… Read More

Autism on the Playground

This week was the season premiere of one of the shows I have a like/love relationship with: Parenthood on ABC.    My love relationship is because its good TV.  My like relationship is because I can’t stop being a therapist when I watch it.  So true to form, I must provide lessons and strategies for playground… Read More

Teaching Honesty to People with Aspergers and Other Social Language Challenges

For as long as I can remember, the very popular phrase “Honesty is the Best Policy”.  While there are many others, I remember hearing this one frequently in classrooms, in church, and at home.  It is true, honesty equals peace. And peace is priceless.  Recently on a list serve to which I belong the question… Read More

Using Patterning to Teach Social Skills

I read an article today posted on the web about teaching social skills.  The authors of these articles are correct: We cannot leave the teaching of social communication to the teacher. I’d like to add some other lessons as we enter the school year 1. Magic is magic and only left to the magicians.  With… Read More