FOCUSING ON CONNECTIONS AND ORAL NARRATIVES Narratives.  Stories.  We all tell them.  We learn from them. We teach with them. We listen to them . For young learners, narrative demands begin with a simple question, “How was your day?”  No matter your child’s ability, language level, speech intelligibility, and cognition; we want this simple question to… Read More

Autism on the Playground

This week was the season premiere of one of the shows I have a like/love relationship with: Parenthood on ABC.    My love relationship is because its good TV.  My like relationship is because I can’t stop being a therapist when I watch it.  So true to form, I must provide lessons and strategies for playground… Read More

Teaching Honesty to People with Aspergers and Other Social Language Challenges

For as long as I can remember, the very popular phrase “Honesty is the Best Policy”.  While there are many others, I remember hearing this one frequently in classrooms, in church, and at home.  It is true, honesty equals peace. And peace is priceless.  Recently on a list serve to which I belong the question… Read More