Recruiting SLPs and BCBAs with NO Bites? Change Your Recruitment Culture

  On the Couch Passive Recruiting Doesn’t Work and Here is Why… Spending more money on recruiting with no bites is not indicative of SMART recruiting. Listen and get tools on what it means to recruit in ABA Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology Here are some tips: Always be on the lookout. Are you congregating where your… Read More

What’s the Magic Pill in Reaching People.

Why Being WHO YOU ARE is important in reaching clients and colleagues or Why Parents and Mentees need YOU not your list of certifications – podcast episode 2 There is no magic pill.  It is simply called being you.  The real you. This being me is the reason why wearing a white SLP jacket is… Read More

Is Your Therapy Practice F.A.T. enough?

Invest In Your Practice and make it F.A.T   Episode One: Podcast: Making Your Therapy Practice F.A.T. The elephant is my favorite animal for many reasons and I will give you two. Despite it’s large size that may not make the elephant the fastest animal, it is quite powerful. When the elephant is falls, he does… Read More


The Unspoken Feeling that the Forever Seeking Balance Career Focused Woman Feels I write from a personal place outing myself in the hopes that more women will begin to have real conversations about sacrifice.  Our beautiful successes, desires for more in our careers and life, our journeys, the weight of the roles we carry…there exists… Read More


Let your life get you IN FOCUS. Align YOU and REALIGN your business. Sometimes I just get tired.  Not so much physically…but head filled with thoughts and things to do kind of tired.  Sometimes I just want to answer a question saying  “I’m tired.  I have two beautiful children: infant and toddler.  I own more… Read More


MARKETING IS ALL ABOUT  YOU! Any great marketing tips?  What do yo think of this idea?  How can I market to schools?  How do I get the physician to refer to me rather than always sending referrals to other SLPs? These well meaning questions are daily conversation threads on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, and other social… Read More

Finding Your Path.

You can’t sell what you don’t believe in. There I said it. In all the lists going around about what you do for marketing.  Some things just don’t travel well on you and don’t reach your potential clients…they can sense it and smell it.  Here’s a few reasons why: You are uncomfortable selling your services… Read More

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Paperless in ABA Therapy

The Paper-Scheduling Chase and HOW IT DOESN’T WORK  You open your ABA, Speech, or OT Therapy Practice.   You are happy.   Your family is proud.  You get a few clients.   You are proud and happy.   You start billing. You get paid.   You are very happy.   You get more clients.  … Read More


My Decision to Move Forward and Enter A Brilliant Expanded -New Path I can often be heard reciting a poem I heard at church in my childhood to my son.  I give him a modified version that gives the consistent ending “You can be anything you want to be. You can go anywhere you want… Read More


Creating Your Identity and Building Your Therapy Practice You are starting out as a new therapy practice and business owner.  What should you name your practice?  This is an often asked question on many facebook sites by current and new business owners in the field of therapy (speech therapy clinics and more). Shakespeare said it… Read More