HOLDING THERAPY ACCOUNTABLE AND DISRUPTING THE WORKPLACE According to statistics cited by Autism Speaks and other Autism Advocacy sites, the annual cost of therapy per child per family if over $40,000 per year. The lifetime cost to support an individual lifetime has been is between 1.4 to 3.2 million dollars. Sticker shock? Let’s back up…costs… Read More

Support System (repost in remembrance of a boy, his wonderful mother, and gentle sister)

(8.3.2010) About two years ago an eight year old boy with autism who was being treated by our therapy team had a massive seizure in his sleep and died.  I will always remember him because he was one of the severe children with self injurious behaviors and a great smile when he was happy.  I… Read More

Programming AAC Devices for Real Talk and Social Interactions

Many moons ago, I facilitated social groups for users of AAC.  We would watch snipets of music videos, pop culture relevant to their actual grade level.  One of my favorite activities was “Like it or Diss it”.  The students in the group would be coached to have real discussion.  Those that were persuasive, fun disagreements,… Read More